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We're here to help you feel confident, explore your curiosity and define what pleasure means to you.

Our vision is one where all humans have the freedom to explore their sensuality and what brings them their greatest pleasures — without judgement and with full confidence in the products they chose.

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Sexuality is deeply rooted in how Kim navigates herself, others, and the world. Growing up in an environment where intimacy was unspoken and shameful, she searched for answers through numerous and diverse experiences. For her, sex takes on multiple dimensions: physiological, interpersonal, cultural, and emotional. Through Afterglo, Kim wishes to introduce tools to encourage learning, connection, freedom, and self-expression.


Born into a culture where affection and intimacy is lived in silence, Khoa is determined to create a shift in perspective and empower more humans to celebrate their identities through their sexuality. For Khoa, Afterglo represents an opportunity to address intimacy freely and inclusively. He thinks Afterglo’s artistic direction outside of the normative framework to highlight each individual and celebrate sexuality as an integral part of well-being.

is human

We believe pleasure has no gender, age, or orientation, and that feeling good is a universal right & need.

Curiosity &

Whatever sparks your sensual side, we support and encourage it wholeheartedly.


Sit back and relax. We carefully choose our products so you can feel good about what you put on and in your body.

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& feel good

Satisfaction reaches an all-time high when you're kind — to yourself, and others.

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