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Goodbye censorship, hello Neudies!

Introducing the Geni Gang.

Once upon a time on this earth, toy makers took it upon themselves to police body representation – using heads and hands and arms and legs, but always leaving genitals behind. Cast away in a lonely corner, these genitals, called the Neudies, found each other and lived peacefully, side by side. While avoiding conversations with non-genitals, they became true masters of hiding. One day, two fearless Neudies, Nagavi and Nipes, finally came out of the shadows to start a new adventure and discover the world.

Everything started when Inés and Enrique Diaz-Rato, the siblings behind the Neudies, asked themselves a simple question: “How come toys don’t have genitals?” It’s kind of odd that society pretends they don’t exist, isn’t it? Is this why most people grow up thinking that genitals are awkward? We know that when things are censored, they become taboo, and taboos are hard to undo.

It’s no secret that sexuality is present everywhere around us. So why are genitals still a topic to avoid? Taboos lead to shame and there’s undeniably still a lot of shame around these body parts. Isn’t it contradictory that society continuously promotes sexuality and intercourse, while instilling discomfort around the genitals? It’s no surprise that many people live in conflictual relationships with their own nudity, and those of others.

Inés has a background in economics and Enrique is an industrial designer. Their questioning, research, and conversations quickly turned into a concrete project. Instead of simply adding genitals to toys, they turned them into their own characters.

With the Neudies, the Diaz-Rato siblings are challenging censorship and social norms in order to spark important conversations and normalize genitals.

Adopt the Neudies
Here is Nagavi, the vulva. Nagavi is curious, optimistic and witty.
Here is Nipes, the penis! Nipes is loving, patient, tender and dreamy.

We find the Neudies absolutely adorable! But to us, they are much more than just cute decorative figures. They’re educational tools and conversation starters. They offer a radically new and refreshing point of view on the way we look at our bodies, our health, and our sexual wellness.

At Afterglo, we’re also noticing important gaps when it comes to sex education. Since childhood, we’ve been conditioned with the idea that sex is wrong. Then, as we got older, we learn about sex through our relationships, pornography, and the media. This way of taming sexuality is incomplete at best, and downright unhealthy at worst.

Our mission is not just to sell sex toys. We’re here to promote and encourage an open dialogue around sexuality. Just like our friends at Neudies, we believe that a healthy sex life starts by accepting our beautiful bodies. It’s about time we learn to love our genitals. With all the pleasure they provide us with, they deserve it. Don’t they?

That’s why we love everything and everyone that contributes to the destigmatization of sex and everything around it. In order to do so, let’s start by talking about our sexual attributes with less shyness, and more openness.

We are very proud to offer Nagavi and Nipes a bright new home on our online store. We truly believe that the Neudies are destined to shine in all their glory, with pride, and freedom. And we’re very eager to see the Geni Gang expand as Inés and Enrique continue to work hard to free more Neudies from different corners of the world to bring more diversity to the family.

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